“Is it Perfect this world I live in?” sounds debatable.. Most of my free time (when I actually have time to turn onto “thinking mode”) I ask myself a question. Well, probably the title itself relates to the question that evades all my thoughts: Is the world a perfect place? Quite tough for starters huh? … More Ramblings

Congenital heart disease- let’s save a life

A walk from the heart Congenital heart disease is causing deaths of 1000s of children across Sri Lanka. Two things concerning congenital heart disease surprised me: the first was that children less than 1 month old died from the killer disease. The second was that almost half of the children who died were either unable … More Congenital heart disease- let’s save a life

About me

I remember that a journalist, who came over to school, asked me why I wanted to join the journalists’ club badly. My immediate response was: “Because I wanted to make a difference in the world through my writing.” Her response was, “Journalism is a great way to do this. But if you are deciding to … More About me