popppHi everyone!!!! I’m Uthsari and I’m 15 years old. After joining the journalists’ club at school, I fell in love with writing about the world. Thus, I was driven to the idea of seeking a positive change in the world that is free from racism, partiality, war, abuse and slavery… It was only when a guest speaker (who was an actual journalist!) came over to school for a seminar and questioned me why I wanted to join the club that I responded, ” Because I want to make a change in the world through my writing.” It was then that she replied, ” Journalism is a great way to do this, but if you want to see a positive change in the world, then you must think of different ways of getting your message across to the world.”

So after much thought I started a blog : Change The World, that would hopefully influence people to contribute in small ways towards helping one another and making each person’s dream of living in a FREE world come true. *fingers crossed*

Be innovative,

Keep reading,


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