“Is it Perfect this world I live in?” sounds debatable..

Most of my free time (when I actually have time to turn onto “thinking mode”) I ask myself a question. Well, probably the title itself relates to the question that evades all my thoughts: Is the world a perfect place?

Quite tough for starters huh? But I guess it’s a question or maybe even “the” question that we all refuse to ask ourselves because either we don’t simply don’t have the time to care or maybe since we have nothing that we can do about it anyway.

Just before writing this article I visited guardian.com and browsed through the headlines in their homepage. What I figured out was that the world was a messed up place! In one corner of the world, the fight between the Republicans and the Democrats is heating up and in the eastern part of the world, North Korea and South Korea are having back to back episodes of a seemingly intense cold war. Meanwhile, a murder (in Istanbul) has (as always) made it to the headlines. It surprised me of how there was absolutely no headline about Russia (so odd!)- because the world loves pin pointing fingers at the non-flawless (yet flawless) President Vladmir Putin.

The most ironic fact about all of the headlines (not only in the guardianbut all other newspapers worldwide) is how out of all the turmoil and internal chaos that’s going on around the world, entertainment is still in full swing. The Golden Globes 2016 and even Star Wars (the incredible!) have made its way to the dazzling headlines.Messed up or what?


Maybe changing the world is just too Utopian after all. However, the sense and determination to keep exerting myself forward to make the world a changed place (like changed person) has not drained. Maybe, just, maybe one day we’ll stop playing roles assigned to us, busybodies, and just take a minute to think of the world around us. Maybe we’ll actually give it some thought and actually try making a change in the headlines of a newspaper. Maybe we’ll start to take not just responsibility of ourselves but responsibility of others too. Probable or unlikely? PROBABLE!

Well after all we are must enjoy the amazing petits trucs that life has to offer.(hope it sounds convincing)

Until next time,

Keep thinking,

Keep enjoying,

Keep helping people,




3 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Yes that is indeed true. The headlines in any paper are both traumatic and glamorous. I never really bothered recognizing it.. Thank you for the wonderful and hilarious read!!


  2. To change the world is a big thing. But like one small drop of rain can turn into a stream and then a river and then reach an ocean, an individual needs to be changed and then a family, a community and a town to a big city. Change is hard. Living in a cruel world….yes I guess in some ways thats the balance of life. But it all starts with changing yourself. If we can encourage that change with the young generation then there is hope that things will change in the future.


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