Community pool: Call for all storytellers!



Hi everyone!

If you want to write, get to know other bloggers, and have some fun then this is for you!!!

This is a call for all budding writers and other bloggers who are probably looking around wordpress to have a good read. You probably might be feeling kind of bored as I am right now wondering how to spend my time in a fun way. So, I decided to have a thread like thing where each I will begin a part of a totally made up story. The other writer must then write another part to continue where I left off with and so on. For instance, if I talk about a ballerina and end at the point where she started a performance, you could start off the rest of the story by maybe describing how the theater got bombed down by a brawny suicide bomber.

So, you could kill the characters or make new character or even change the setting as much as you like while making sure that your story connects with the last person’s one. Remember the fun part is that it can either be totally made up or true in a way- it doesn’t matter! Don’t worry too much of the what the story line is going to be because the rules are simple- turn onto creative mode and start typing.

Hopefully we will all just have some fun! Good luck! Here goes:

Intro: At present, the wind gushed through a silent alley which was completely dark and quiet. I could see nothing but the moonlit trees and hear the monotonous “grabits” of the frogs. Everything around me was still- too still. I knew that it must be so because I am in a battle field racing against life and death. Of course, my enemy is probably a few inches away from me waiting for a chance to get hold of me and my comrades. Yet, I could not help but day dream into the night. My eyelids mourning for sleep. Suddenly a memory shoots past it all…..

2 thoughts on “Community pool: Call for all storytellers!

  1. Hi I love what you’ve started… I really hope that more people would get involved in the story telling.
    P.s. I’m not good at writing but I guess I’ll just give it a try!

    The summer breeze as I walked together with my sister. The sound of ice cream sellers invaded the park.. Mom looking at me and lia from a side warning us not to go on the swings.

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