Terrorism can defeat democarcy

Source: The only real option…

After reading this article and hearing about all the buzz that was going on in the news something that I understood was that violence can never solve a problem instead it just intensifies it. Decision making and leadership are some of the main reasons that contribute in both the start and the end of a war. Taking you back to world warI and world warII and clearly analyzing the root causes for their existence we can see that influential nations like France, Germany, USA, USSR and UK along with influential personalities such as Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchhill have been either the cause or end of the war.

During a casual conversation with one of my German friends at school, I was forced to look through the norms. Well, frankly it all started with us arguing over whether Vladmir Putin was “the man” or whether it was Obama. Ultimately, things got a bit out of hand and we all ended up discussing about Germany, USA, Russia and all of the past that were entwined with these nations. Surprisingly, my friend had a totally different opinion from the four of us. He blandly stated that although Hitler had been the main cause for the destruction of millions of lives, he was also “the man” who developed Germany whilst expanding its main income generating sources. Considering either aspect of World War ll I could not help but agree with him to some extent. I guess there is always two sides to the same story.

At times, you may feel like, “what does a fifteen year old girl’s opinion have to do with anything anyway?” I guess that’s perfectly true, however, my main point is that everyone is at fault for the Paris attacks. It’s indeed true that the ISIS is just going overboard with all the massacres and the merciless killing due to their extremist beliefs but in the meantime who can blame them? Let’s not forget that they live in a country where the first sound a new born baby hears is that of the explosion of a bomb or the “rat-a-tat” of the gunshots. Please do not misunderstand that I have sided with the ISIS but what I want to suggest is that we must consider both sides of the story. Even my country, in that case, had a bloody civil war for over 30 years where 15 times the number of people who died in Paris were killed. For what reason? Just because they were Tamils or Sinhalese.

But, I still can’t help feeling sorry for all the innocent people who died in the Paris attacks. I love Paris as I learn French and have visited it one time. It’s truly a wonderful place filled with pleasant people. I guess maybe that’s why everyone is reading this article in the first place.

Then we come to the countries bombing Syria. I do find it a bit ironical that the Russians are accused of mercilessly shooting the ISIS and inevitably the civilians while the French are not accused of bombing the civilians in the course of the bombings that are currently taking place. Well, the world is and was always biased. I never found the TV to be a trustworthy source of information as what a character in the kdrama, Pinnochio, once said :” No, I don’t think TV is a joke. TV can kill a person with just one statement. So, how would I even dare to think TV is a joke.” I’m fed up of seeing the good done not being appreciated- one major reason that terrorism is present in the first place. After all we must all remember that “too many cooks spoil the soup.” It’s indeed great to help the neighboring nations but what the nations who help other nations should understand that they must not help with the ulterior motive of intervening in the peace and stability of the other nations.

I would also like to open people’s eyes on the surge of the ethnic war between the Tamil Ealam and the Sri Lankan government. Being a Sinhalese person and an ardent Buddhist, I guess one may directly pin point that i am biased towards the Sri Lankan government’s actions. In fact, that was completely true until I started reading quite and interesting book called “The Tamil Tigress” by Niromi de Soyza who was a Tiger herself. I am still reading it, but, what I realized is that not only is the Tamil Ealam at fault but also the Sri Lankan government. I encourage everyone to read the book as one will realize the actual situation of war. Yet, it is indeed hard to forget how many innocent Sri Lankan civilians died in the course.

Before changing the world we must change ourselves. It takes a lot of time and hard work to change people’s ideologies but the important factor is to keep on believing in the fact that : “Terrorism can not defeat democracy.” So please world and reader consider both sides of the story before jumping into a conclusion on whose right and whose wrong. As Mr Snell from Silas Marner states : “You are both right and you are both wrong.”


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