Fund-raisers: a fast way to raise money?


Fund raisers
I guess, that a fund-raiser is an amazing way to collect a large amount of money during a small amount of time. However, most of us take it for granted and organize it at the last moment which at the end will lead to a DISASTER….
So, here are some  tips that you might want to remember:-

1) Planning think, write, think!
I know pretty well that this word is truly a shocker, at least, for people like me, who have very little spare time. However, in order to obtain the best of results planning is important. My advice is that you must at least plan two days (preferably three days) prior to the actual day of the fund-raiser.

a) Plan the day that you want it to happen and the exact time
b) Plan the type of fundraiser
c) The things that you need for it (varies depending on the type of fundraiser)
d) The items that should be brought by each person of your family/ group/ friends etc.

2) Goals- aim for a higher bar!
No fundraiser is successful without a goal. You must not just think that you are going to collect as much of money as possible, but be money-minded (and reasonable at the same time) and have a specific figure of money that you want to collect in your head.

3) Finances- budget it out!
It is always hard to manage finances when it comes to fundraisers. Trust me; I am quite aware of this being the treasurer of the journalists’ club. However, as I previously said “be money-minded” and think on how to make a profit rather than a loss. For instance, if you buy an ice-cream tub for (let’s assume) 500 rupees and a packet of 20 ice-cream cones for 100 rupees. Then, you must sell an ice cream cone for at least 50 rupees. That way, you might be able to earn a profit of about 100 rupees.

p.s. I am not completely aware of the exact price of an ice-cream tub elsewhere but hopefully you get my point 

4) Awareness- people are the key to success!
Your fundraiser would be a total failure WITHOUT awareness. So, make colorful, attractive posters and decide on where exactly you would paste them. I think that it would be best to make about 13 posters. Paste them on almost every notice board and places where people gather almost all the time. At school, it is advisable either to paste them in the cafeteria so that half of the school knows about it or to announce about the fundraiser on the day of it. After all, it’ll be useless having a fundraiser without a crowd wanting to buy your things.

5) Deadlines- remind, pester, remember!
Almost always deadlines are never met. I guess that I’m no different in forgetting deadlines especially when it comes to extra stuff other than school work. LOL! So, ask every one of your group/friends/family etc to bring over the stuff (that can be brought before) at least a day prior to the day of the fundraiser. Believe me; the only way to make anybody to stick to the deadline is to pester them and remind them each and every single day or possibly every single time you see them. Make sure you have their contact numbers so that you can call them or text them the night before the deadline.

6) Have fun- fun,fun!!!
I know for a fact that fundraisers are among the best ways to learn a whole group of new things altogether and that it is a great way to have fun. For me, the best part of fundraisers  was just counting the amount of money that I’ve collected and feeling proud of the team effort. It would certainly feel so much better knowing that you are going to use this money to help people in a range of ways!

What do you think about fund-raisers? Did I miss out on any important point? Well, if you think I have, then share it by leaving a comment .

As always,

Be innovative,

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