Congenital heart disease- let’s save a life

A walk from the heartIMG_3792
Congenital heart disease is causing deaths of 1000s of children across Sri Lanka. Two things concerning congenital heart disease surprised me: the first was that children less than 1 month old died from the killer disease. The second was that almost half of the children who died were either unable to detect the disease beforehand or they were unable to undergo surgery as their families could not afford the money for the operation.
This year, my school organized a walk with the hope of raising as much money as possible to donate for the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Sri Lanka. This donation was made to obtain equipment and build infrastructure at the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital that would improve the facilities for the patients suffering from congenital heart disease.
Throughout the past few months, clubs, societies and even individual grades had fund raisers during recess. The journalists’ club alone raised more than 7000 rupees. Stickers and wrist bands were sold during the walk to people on the streets in order to create awareness.
What amazed me was the school spirit and determination to raise as much money as possible and to raise awareness. Even the general public’s contribution towards the event was amazing! Constantly, children would give out all of their savings for the total donation. I am truly privileged to live in a country where almost all the people help people in need when the need arises.
Is your school planning to do something that’ll save a life? What do you think? What are you going to do?
If you need any ideas for fund raises read my article on fund raises or simply drop by a comment for any other help needed.
Remember: “you are the change that you want to create” so start up now because even the smallest things count!
Be innovative,

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